Blockchain Technology: Saying Bye to Techies for Now to Explore New Horizons

Change requires at every stage. The same thing is now happening in Blockchain Technology. Earlier the technology has been helping techies, project managers, and tech architects only. But now it is exploring new domains to enter viz. banking, healthcare, logistics and more. Blockchain technology has gone far more advanced beyond its association with cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is effective when it includes cross-organizational data. The technology requires a high level of security check for any modification which makes breaching near to impossible. This builds the trust factor among the network of organizations involved. Around 14 states in India are working on Blockchain pilots and projects and several organizations have come together to leverage the benefits of this iconic technology. Though the world is witnessing new things in Blockchain technology every hour, India is still battling to overcome its initial stages of applications.

In the present scenario, the demand for Blockchain developers and project managers is really high; however, the availability of talent is very limited. Though Blockchain is relevant to coders and techies; nowadays, it is relevant for finance and banking, legal and other professionals as well in evaluating the use of blockchain application.

While tech scholars have always enrolled in learning blockchain programs, the new change attracts blockchain learners from different backgrounds. Analyzed reports say, 30% finance professionals and 10% healthcare professionals have started showing interest in learning Blockchain technology. Organizations have seen a 120% quarterly rise in enrollment and thus believe the rise will never stop.

Top Job Roles in Blockchain Technology with High Paying Salary

Blockchain Developers: If you have the zeal to take a challenge, aim to understand, develop and deploy the network from scratch; then go for it. With relevant experience, Blockchain developers are getting more high-paid salaries than others.

Blockchain Managers: Professionals with 10+ years of experience in IT and Blockchain are nowadays earning more than any developers could ever think.