SatoshiLabs Rolls Out BTC-Only Firmware for Trezor Devices

SatoshiLabs, the Czech Republic-based firm, and the creator of Trezor hardware wallet have released a bitcoin-only firmware for its devices. Thus, all interested users can now download the firmware.

Currently, the beta version of the customized version is available. It is permanent software programmed into a read-only memory. Both Trezor One and Trezor Model T owners can use the software. Also, SatoshiLabs have a plan to introduce a stable version of Bitcoin-only firmware in the next month’s release. In any case, the company allows the users to switch between the regular (full altcoin support) and Bitcoin-only firmware as many times according to their choice.

This beta version is a part of Trezor’s testing phase. For the installation of the new firmware, users will need Trezor Model T (version 2.1.0 or newer) or Trezor One, access to Trezor Beta Wallet or trezorctl, and a correct firmware installation file. Here, the Trezor beta testing community gives feedback to SatoshiLabs. It thus improves the product before its release to the public. Consequently, beta testers contribute to the shaping of the product and also get early access to new products and features.

SatoshiLabs’ announcement follows the recent wave of bitcoin-only hardware wallets coming to the crypto market. Though some people have expressed their excitement about the new development, others seem to be skeptical about this as the source says.