Amazon Rainforest

Rainforest Foundation Seeks Help from Crypto Community to Save Amazon Rainforest

A US-based non-profit organization Rainforest Foundation is seeking help from the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. The aim is to save the Amazon Rainforest from the destruction.

Amazon is burning and how! The fires that spread swiftly across the Amazon in recent weeks has been making the news. This has also drawn international attention to a problem Indigenous Brazilians have been facing for years. Thus, many organizations and communities are coming forward to help the cause. One of them is the Rainforest foundation. It is a New York-based organization safeguarding the rights and interests of the native people from rainforests. Thus, the organization has found a unique way to help the burning Amazon Rainforest. It has reached out to the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities for getting their support and help for saving the burning rainforest.

The Foundation is currently accepting donations in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin cash. Also, the foundation is working with bitcoin donation firm The Giving Block on this project. It is looking for crypto communities to sponsor Foundation projects and raise awareness along with donating crypto as per the source.

It is not the first time blockchain and cryptocurrency communities have lent a helping hand to disaster relief organizations. The blockchain platform of Bahamas PO8 is also raising crypto funds to provide relief for the Hurricane Dorian victims. It has appealed to various crypto and blockchain firms to come forward and help the victims with donations.