Nebula genomics introduces blockchain enabled DNA sequences

Nebula Genomics To Roll Out Blockchain Genetic Testing

Nebula Genomics, the tech genetics firm is introducing a blockchain-based anonymous genetic testing. This blockchain leveraging technology will eliminate the need for a person’s personal data. Now individuals can own their personal genomic data without revealing their identity.

This anonymous genetic testing has a privacy-preserving feature for its customers. Nebula Genomics customers can buy whole-genome sequencing and submit their samples. They do not have to provide any sensitive information like name, address or credit card number. Eventually, the implementation of blockchain technology is enabling transparency, security, and controllable data-sharing features. Additionally, users can make pseudo-anonymous transactions using digital currencies. However, the non-crypto users can use a prepaid credit card for making payments.

The main purpose of this development is to remove the dependency of data de-identification with personal genomic firms. Therefore, Nebula will deliver its sample collection kits to PO boxes. Later, after sequencing users’ genome, the company will share the results on their secure cloud with knowing the individuals.

The use of blockchain is already facilitating various sectors in various ways. Its use in medical sectors is offering security, scalability, and data privacy. In June, Global Pharma Giant Boehringer Ingelheim announced to launch a blockchain-based healthcare network. The new healthcare system, Diabetes Care Administration Network intended to raise awareness about diabetes, the source states.