KlaytnPhone is the New Crypto-Friendly Smartphone

Samsung Electronics will soon release a new edition of its Galaxy Note 10 smartphone, KlaytnPhone. It will come with an inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet in its bid to boost the adoption of blockchain tech.

KlaytnPhone is named after Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary GroundX’s blockchain platform Klaytn. The phone will have Klaytn logo when it is turned on or off. The specifications of the phone will be the same as Galaxy Note 10. However, it will also have various Klaytn features. The features include the additional support for decentralized applications(DApps) and of course the crypto wallet. These features will reduce the confusion around blockchain technology.

Along with the crypto wallet, the latest version of the smartphone will also have free coins. This means the buyers of this phone will receive a certain amount of Klay tokens. It is the native digital currency of the Klaytn blockchain network. The price of the smartphone will be probably around $1,000. The sale of the device will, however, take place only in South Korea as per the source.

Samsung is betting heavily to make mobile-based blockchain support a norm. Earlier this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 smartphone. It offered a cryptocurrency wallet and decentralized apps. Also, the company was planning to expand these features to budget Galaxy phones.