Emsisoft ransomware solution

Emsisoft Releases Bug Fix for WannaCryFake Ransomware

Emsisoft, the IT security company is introducing a free bug fix for Bitcoin ransomware, WannaCryFake. This bug solution is a decryption tool that can recover all the files and data of a WannaCryFake victim.

This ransomware is an updated version of the WannaCry worm that began attacking the MS computer networks in 2017. The WannaCryFake bug usually attacks a computer system and gets access to all data and files in the system. Thereafter, the attackers demand Bitcoin in exchange for the release of files and data. This ransomware uses AES-256 to lock the victim’s files. The victim then receives a message of paying in bitcoins for the decryption of files. However, the attackers decide the ransom money on how fast you reply to them.

Emsisoft asked the victims to not contact the attackers at any cost. This decryption solution will surely help the victims to decrypt their files, the source states.

Ransomware and malware attacks are not anymore new in the crypto world. Last month, a Cryptojacking code infected around 11 open-source Ruby libraries. The hackers downloaded the software and corrupted the libraries with their cryptojacking code. Thereafter, they re-uploaded these codes with new names on the RubyGems platform.  Out of the 11 libraries, 5 of them were crypto-based with names as doge-coin, bitcoin_vanity, coin_base, blockchain_wallet, etc.