to Open up US Headquarters in its Capital

The godfather of EOS blockchain is now expanding its reach to the United States with its new headquarters. These openings will help the firm manage the US operation arm in the Arlington County of Virginia. has received a $600,000 grant from the Commonwealth’s Opportunity Fund for helping Arlington County with the project. This new headquarters will develop around 170 job opportunities in the upcoming 3 years.

The proximity of Arlington with the capital enables various business opportunities and official relations. However, this step will provide new insights into the era of digital assets and blockchain technologies. Moreover, will invest $10 million in Arlington County. Also, the new headquarters intend to change the image of Virginia in the IT Sector.

In July, invested $30 million in cash payment for its social media platform’s domain name. Domain registrar GoDaddy sanctioned the domain name of Voice as “voice dot com”. Although, it concluded the domain name on May 30, 2019. Earlier, it announced the ID verification feature of its social media platform. This feature intends to encourage genuine users by keeping the bots off of its sites.  All users are verified, and pays for every single verification. Government IDs are compulsory for the verification process as per the source.