Binance is Launching Token Airdrop after JEX Acquisition

The giant crypto exchange firm Binance is planning a new launch based on the company’s acquisition of JEX. This launch proposition is to introduce a new token airdrop. The acquisition of JEX is a crypto trading platform that provides various trading services with spot and derivatives.

JEX will now work with the new name of Binance JEX. It will have a separate team within the Binance ecosystem. This acquisition will convert the ERC-20 standard tokens to Binance‘s native BEP2 standard tokens. Binance JEX will help all the users in reciprocating these tokens. Thereafter, JEX’s application will help in listing on Binance DEX.

Moreover, the firm will circulate around 200M unlocked JEX team tokens within the BNB holders on  JEX will start a monthly airdrop of JEX token among the BNB holder close to the 30% monthly profit of Binance JEX from October. The exchange will start documenting each user’s lowest BNB balance from September to October. After the holding period ends, the total BNB holding ratio of each user will be calculated, the source states.

Binance has been making the news every now and then. Recently, the exchange also rolled out yet another platform, Binance X. It is designed for third-party developers and its ultimate goal is boosting the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.