Truffle to release development tools for 3 new networks

Truffle, a popular company that creates dev tools for Ethereum has decided to branch out and go beyond the ETH user base. It has announced support for Hyperledger Fabric, R3’s Corda and Tezos. Truffle founder and CEO Tim Coulter announced this at TruffleCon 2019, Truffle’s annual dev conference.

With this, the company will empower the developers to build enterprise-grade solutions on any network. Thus, this will create a path for future cross-network collaboration. Earlier this year the company spun out of ConsenSys with $3 million in funding. It’s now targeting enterprise blockchain developers across the spectrum.

In the case of Hyperledger, the modular Hyperledger Fabric platform already supports smart contracts written in Ethereum’s Solidity language. Also, Fabric developers using Solidity can develop smart contracts using the blockchain firm. Truffle has formed a partnership with R3 to provide a similar personal blockchain for R3’s Corda. Additionally, the blockchain platform will support Tezos. As per the source, it will also support the Tezos network, its smart contract languages, automatic test validation, and application deployment.

Two months ago, Truffle announced that Microsoft is its preferred cloud, solution provider. Visual Studio Code has already integrated with Truffle tools. Currently, Truffle’s developer suite supports the blockchain protocols of Ethereum and Quorum. If Ethereum was all about open-source development, now the focus of the company may vary a bit. Both Corda and Hyperledger Fabric are very important blockchains that focus on enterprises.