Tron launches Sun Network

Tron launches its sidechain scaling solution, Sun Network

Tron, the blockchain platform has officially released its sidechain scaling solution, the Sun Network. It aims to boost and assure the scaling abilities of the Tron mainnet. Furthermore, it will enable the DApps to work more efficiently and securely with less energy consumption.

The Tron has introduced the V1.0 code for the Sun Network. This network currently supports smart contract transactions and many other features. It also enables users to set up sidechain incentives, transaction rates, and confirmation speed. However, the solution to this network will expand the development possibilities of Tron DApps and the ecosystem. It will definitely bring positive changes to the blockchain domain.

Earlier this month, Tron tweeted about the advancement in the first version of its scalability solution. It ensured to provide 100x scalability and building DApps on the sidechain. Additionally, it also has a few new features such as free transactions, faster transaction confirmation, and lower fees. With the Sun Network, developers can get longer smart contract execution times and interchain withdrawals and deposits.

Also, in June, TRON’s mainnet Odyssey upgraded to Odyssey 3.6. The new version had a more lightweight built-in event server with an added protocol data check. The Sun Network is an extension of the main network.