Ravencoin is now on tZero app as third cryptocurrency

The global blockchain leader tZero has announced that a third cryptocurrency Ravencoin(RVN) will be tradeable in its crypto App. The company will offer the investors to trade the coin both in iOS and Android devices.

Apart from supporting its own RVN cryptocurrency, the Ravencoin platform will support a variety of user-defined assets. It includes security tokens, digital collectibles, utility tokens, gift cards, fiat currency, and others. tZero has submitted the new version of the app to both Google Play and Apple store. After the approval comes, the users can thus trade the coin comes directly via their mobile phone application. The app has a unique feature of a private key recovery system to restore funds and assets if you lose your lost private key or mobile device. At the same time, the security is touted to be much stronger than the custody of a third-party exchange.

tZERO is an Overstock, a US-based online retailer technology firm with aims to utilize blockchain technology for revolutionizing Wall Street. It is so because that will help financial processes become less beholden to traditional institutional market structures. As per the source, it will also bolster and enhance market integrity. Recently, Overstock has planned to make tZero public.