Brave browser

Brave browser finally launches its token tipping services

The blockchain-based Brave browser is now enabling Twitterati with tipping services to reward content creators directly via Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). A twitter user logged in with a Brave desktop browser can now view a “Tip” button on every tweet. Clicking on this button will directly send a BAT to the tweet author. The users are also free to fix the amount they want to tip any creator based on their content.

These reward users can traditionally buy BATs or can also earn while watching privacy-preserving Brave ads. Additionally, users can set up recurring tips, share tipping tweets or make tweets to help authors claim their tip.

Currently, Brave Rewards is supporting this tip services on Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch. However, it aims to extend this tipping service to other content platforms like Reddit, GitHub, and Vimeo. Users or content creators that are verified with Brave’s Creator program can only make or claim these tips. With this service, now a user can support their favorite content creator as well as earn rewards at the same time.

In May, the blockchain browser started testing this Twitter tipping services with the test browser version, Brave Nightly. Also, before its trial month, the browser launched its Brave Ads program for users to earn crypto while watching ads.