cryptojacking code targets 11 open source libraries

11 open libraries become victims of a cryptojacking code

A new malicious Cryptojacking code has infected around 11 open-source Ruby libraries. These libraries work across the RubyGems platform where users upload and make developments on software. Apparently, these infectious libraries downloaded over three and a half thousand times.

Cryptojacking is an illicit use of computing resources to mine cryptocurrencies. Similarly, in this case, the hacker downloaded the software and corrupted the libraries with their cryptojacking code. Thereafter, they re-uploaded these codes with new names. Out of the 11 libraries, 5 of them were crypto-based with names as doge-coin, bitcoin_vanity, coin_base, blockchain_wallet, etc. The coin_base and blockchain_wallet experienced the highest downloads, around 424 and 423 times respectively.

However, a GitHub user noticed the issue while downloading a library. As per the user, an additional code also downloads from the text hosting service Pastebin. Later, it starts using the host sources for malicious mining. Moreover, hackers may also get access to the host’s address and other important credentials.

The Crypto world has become a common target for many hackers, money laundering and ransomware attackers. In July, a popular bitcoin ransomware, Ryuk victimized the Chinese logistic, technology sectors and small municipalities that acquires high data value. Previously, It gatecrashed over 100 government and private entities in the US. This is not a single incident, there are many more such cases. So, it’s better to take strict security measures to minimize the effects of such incidents.