Bitcoin ATMs in US

LibertyX will Expand More Bitcoin ATMs Across US

LibertyX, the first company that launched Bitcoin ATM in the US has announced the addition of Desert ATM to its LibertyX bitcoin network. The partnership will expand into 90 retail locations in Arizona and Nevada. The latest locations include service stations AMPM, ARCO, and Chevron, as well as in some Family Dollar stores. With this move, LibertyX will operate more than 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs across US.

The partnership will let users access Bitcoin at street level through their debit cards, making the transaction super easy. Also, LibertyX is integrating with Genmenga machines in Arizona and Nevada. Genmega adds the bitcoin-buying feature to the ATM only if the operators offering the services are willing. The transaction limits are set at $3,000 worth of bitcoin a day. This is applicable for the users who qualify the KYC requirements.

LibertyX has surpassed similar milestones in the past. In 2014, the firm made headlines by launching the first bitcoin ATM in the US, and in 2016 it hired the first Bitcoin cashier. It is interesting to note that a bitcoin ATM competitor DigitalMint has expanded to 20 locations across Arizona and Nevada.