Arizona State implements blockchain in academics records

Arizona State University Implements Blockchain In Academics Records

Arizona State University and the local community colleges are working together to implement blockchain in academics records. Arizona State is partnering with a cloud software firm Salesforce, and EdPlus, the central enterprise unit.

The traditional way of tracking academic credentials is a bit complex and time-consuming. It doesn’t even provide the authenticity of the student’s academic credentials. The Arizona State intends to use this technology for the verification and secure sharing of students academic credentials. It will help to know whether the student is qualified for an associate degree or not.

The development will use Salesforce blockchain in academics records and co-develop a student data network for institutions. It will keep updating the community colleges about their former student growth within the state.  This will create a strong mechanism to handle all the complex data of their higher education and offer a secure exchange and verification of documents.

Also, many other universities worldwide are implementing blockchain in academics and courses. In the previous month, a Canadian University initiated to provide blockchain-based diplomas to its graduating students. It will ensure the authenticity and security of these academic documents of the students.