Blockchain based smart contracts

Zilliqa Launches First-Ever Blockchain Based Smart Contracts

Blockchain platform Zilliqa has announced the launch of its first Smart Contracts. The project is built on its own platform. The launch will help developers write and deploy smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain. The functional smart contract language, Scilla will help with the new project.

President and chief scientific officer Amrit Kumar listed the core features of Zilliqa smart contracts. This includes amenability to formal verification. Secondly, the language comes with a suite of static analyzers. It checks potential bugs and issues in the contract. Thirdly, Scilla handles different operational components such as computation and communication in a clean manner, eliminating complex interleaving. This feature can help prevent incidents like the DAO and the Parity hacks, Kumar said. Lastly, the language comes equipped with a suite of standard libraries.

Two years ago, the Zilliqa team envisioned a technology and this project helped develop it marking a milestone, said Kumar during the announcement.