Odyssey 3.6

TRON Upgrades to Odyssey 3.6 With Security Enhancements

TRON’s mainnet Odyssey will soon see an upgrade to version 3.6, dubbed Odyssey 3.6. The new version will have a more lightweight built-in event server with an added protocol data check. The information comes from TRON’s official blog post.

The TRON network now supports the creation of decentralized applications(DApps) on its platform. It will direct towards entertainment rather than some financially motivated issue. The lightweight built-in event server will automatically detect any malicious data on the chain. The DApp developers can also customize their own event service when they choose to switch on this feature. It will make the creation of DApps on the network easier. The goal with everything involving the TRON project is to ensure scalability and security.

TRON’s best feature, when compared to other coins, is its fast processing capabilities. As of now, the network can handle around 2,000 transactions a second. This number is much more than Ethereum’s 25 or Bitcoin’s single digit number of transactions.