Bitcoin Node Device

Samourai And Nodl Teams Up To Launch Bitcoin Node Device

The Bitcoin wallet project Samourai Wallet is joining hands with the French hardware retailer Nodl to launch Bitcoin Node Device. The self-validating bitcoin and lightning node will let users use the mobile wallet app without depending on the app’s servers.

The Bitcoin Node Device will sync with Samourai Wallet, which is a privacy-centric app. Until now, transactions through the Samourai wallet have required the sending of public keys to Samourai servers. By installing the software, a user can host their own Dojo server, and bypass Samourai servers entirely. The Nodl users can add Samourai’s Dojo software after updating their devices. Also, the Dojo has a Whirlpool feature that will ship all the bitcoin transactions across the wallet and conceal the fund source.

Though the new Bitcoin Node Device looks promising, critics argue that the user’s transaction data will be compromised since there are insufficient privacy features of the wallet app.