Blockchain Tourism Platform

Russia Will Initiate Blockchain Tourism Platform

Russian state Yugra will soon launch a blockchain tourism platform. It will track the public spending of government grants to ensure transparency. The general director of Yugra’s development fund has entered with a pact by joining hands with blockchain startup Universa. The latter will develop the blockchain system. The info about the system comes from a local popular media agency.

The upcoming blockchain will focus on the design and promotion of tourism facilities in the region. Besides, it will monitor the activities of the firms that are active in the tourism business. This system will accumulate various information which goes by the name of “data lake”. Basing upon the information gathered, it will allow identifying problem areas in the tourism business. Then it will suggest ways to improve tourism so as to increase the flow of tourists.

Blockchain is gradually finding its way into various domains. Recently a Russian supermarket chain announced a blockchain system for trade finance. Banking firms in various regions are successfully experimenting with technology. The major production firms are making use of blockchain to track supply chain logistics. The hospital industry is also trying to introduce blockchain medicine systems to recognize between fake and authentic medicines. Blockchain is becoming a reality and a part of the common public domain.