Rhode Island issues solicitation for blockchain solutions

Rhode Island Issues Solicitation For Blockchain Solutions

US-based Rhode Island Department of Administration/Division of Purchase grants public solicitation for blockchain solutions. The administration is expecting proposals from qualified firms via proof-of-concept proposals. It is looking for efficiency, accuracy, transparency and secure business rapport from these firms. The last date for the submission is June 21st.

The solicitation intends to cover many areas to apply blockchain solutions. It includes licensing, contracts, antifraud, medical marijuana, and crowdsourcing. The proposals will get evaluated on some criteria on a point system. One should score at least 50 points to further progress on the demonstration/proof of concept interview and cost proposal.

Criteria to evaluate the proposals

The executives of Rhode Island have previously issued a bill for excluding blockchain token from extant state securities laws. It is applicable for the tokens which are used for “consumptive purpose”.

Image source: ri.gov