blockchain based supply chain tracking

Retail Giant Target To Launch Blockchain Based Supply Chain Tracking

US-based retail giant Target has announced to launch an open source blockchain based supply chain tracking. The company would integrate its components into the Hyperledger Grid project framework. This news comes from the official blog post of the company.

According to the VP, the retailer worked with the blockchain technology called ConsenSource since mid-2018. However, Target is stepping up its involvement in the blockchain space with a pledge to support the Hyperledger Grid project. It is a Linux Foundation ledger solutions for all types of cross-industry supply chain scenarios. The food giant Cargill and Intel are already a part of the Hyperledger Grid network.

The Hyperledger Grid will streamline supply chain infrastructure with blockchain technology, addressing a number of issues for food retail. Recently, Hyperledger released blockchain tools to enable interoperability between different types of blockchain-based data.