Browser with built-in Crypto Wallet

Opera Launches Browser with Built-in Crypto Wallet for iOS

Popular internet browsing company Opera has launched a new browser with a built-in crypto wallet to store Ether. This new browsing app goes by the name of Opera Touch and supports iOS. Already the app is available for the Android users. Now, the browser is expanding to iOS users as well. It supports the Ethereum protocol and the Ethereum Web3 API. Apparently, it is the first ever browser for iOS that supports crypto related activities.

So, technically Opera Touch will support Ethereum based DApps, ERC-20 tokens, stablecoins, etc. The release of the new browser also marks the partnership between Opera and crypto collectible app Marble. Cards. This app can convert website URLs into collectible cards. These cards can be registered as Non-Fungible Token on Ethereum.

If you want to download the new Opera Touch browser for iOS, click here.