Michael Ford nominated as the new maintainer

Michael Ford Will Be The New Maintainer Of Bitcoin Core Code

Michael Ford a.k.a “fanquake“, one of the prolonged Bitcoin Core contributors, has been selected as the new maintainer of its open source software project. He will be joining the other four Core maintainers- Wladimir van Der Laan, Jonas Schnelli, Marco Falke, and Samuel Dobson. They will work to keep the bitcoin node software organized and onward.

The nomination took place in the last CoreDev meeting of the Bitcoin Core contributors. The developers communicate online across the world with contributors. This meeting allows the Core contributors to interact face-to-face once in a while. The nomination of Ford was based on the Chatham House rule written by contributor Bryan Bishop.

After selection, Michael Ford attached his key in the “trusted key list” on GitHub. It will give him access to merge in the finalized changes in the codebase. Ford says on GitHub that his focus will be on a system development with Cory Field’s counsel. He will be continuing with all triage/repo management work.