European Football Club Now Accepts Cryptocurrency

Major European Football Club Now Accepts Cryptocurrency for its Merchandise

SL Benfica, the major European football club now accepts cryptocurrency for its merchandise sales. It becomes the first football club to do so. This follows the club’s partnership with the UTRUST payment platform. Fans who want to buy merchandise can pay using UTRUST token (UTK). They can also pay with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

According to the club. this move to crypto is aiming to upgrade its e-commerce strategy and expand its global audience. Already, it is one of the hot-shot football clubs of the nation. Embracing crypto will definitely increase the fan following of the club. Besides, it will also eliminate credit-card payment issues like fraud payments and chargebacks. The bank account of the club will be credited with fiat money on the same day fans make the purchase of merchandise.

CEO of UTRUST, Nuno Correia says the move of SL Benfica to embrace crypto is a milestone for UTRUST and the blockchain ecosystem as a whole. Soon, we may see other major football clubs follow the footsteps of the Portuguese club and support crypto payments.