Canadian University Initiates Blockchain Program

Leading Canadian University Initiates Blockchain Program for Students

Blockchain is now going places, as universities across the globe are introducing courses regarding this decentralized technology. What can be a better way other than education to spread knowledge about blockchain.? Hype goes rising as the news is out that a leading Canadian University initiates blockchain program for its students pursuing the Masters and doctorate programs. It’s the University of British Columbia which will commence this curriculum on blockchain from early 2020.

The course will focus on health, clean energy, and regulatory technologies. It will also focus on the issues of aboriginal residents and ways to solve them. The university is the first one to introduce such a course in the country. There is no prior experience in blockchain required to attend this course. The university aims to teach over 100 students in a span of six years. Also, it wants to build services for students pursuing the Masters and Ph.D.

According to a faculty of the university, this course aims to introduce highly demanding emerging technologies to the students. These technologies can contribute to economic growth. So, people with formal education on blockchain can yield better results.

There are leading 15 firms which are supporting the blockchain program at UBC. Majorly, the program will get support from  UBC’s Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters programs.

Last week we mentioned that Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has introduced a course on blockchain. Adoption of blockchain in formal education indicates that indeed it has a bright future.