In An Act of Self-Hacking, Komodo Saves $13 Million of Funds from Hackers

Crypto wallet provider Komodo performs self hacking and saved $13 million worth funds from falling into the hands of hackers. Sometimes back there was a warning from security researcher about vulnerability in its Agama wallet. So, instead of waiting for hackers to strike, Komodo’s cybersecurity team got into the rescue operation. Details of the entire incident are present on the official website.

Using the same exploit in the vulnerable wallet they transferred around 8 million KMD and 96 BTC. These funds are now present in two secure wallets. Owners of the respective funds are currently getting invites to redeem their assets. Also, Komodo appeals that whoever has still funds left in Agama wallet should move their funds ASAP. the firm also mentions that Verus version of Agama wallet is safe from the vulnerability.

Vulnerabilities and related hacks are becoming an everyday phenomenon in the crypto scenario. Recently, the crypto wallet service GateHub faced a hack where $10 million of XRP was stolen. Last month major crypto firm Binance was hacked. Back in January, crypto exchange Cryptopia faced a critical hacking incident. That literally proved fatal for the firm. They ended up getting liquidated.