Bitcoin scam

Hackers Took Over UK Supermarket Giant’s Twitter Handle to Promote Bitcoin scam

Recently, the official twitter handle of Tesco, one of the biggest supermarket chains of UK was cracked by hackers. The hackers were prompt to declare a bitcoin scam on the profile as soon as they took over it.

The massive followers of Tesco were confused to see that the handle changing its name to Billgatesmsc. The crackers even changed the avatar of Tesco’s Twitter profile with a picture of Bill Gates.

They tweeted out a supposed scam which invites people to send bitcoins to a specific address. The tweet mentioned intentions of sending back double the number of Bitcoins to those people who would send the crypto. The particular post also prompted the users to mention their Bitcoin address in the comment section. There is no information on how the hackers got access to the twitter handle.

Currently, the situation is under control. Tesco has regained control over its Twitter handle. Also, it has cleared out all the junk that was shared by the hackers on its profile. Hopefully, people were aware enough not to respond to the bogus posts or send any funds.

In recent times, the market value of Bitcoin has been soaring high. So, scammers would have thought of pulling this trick over people to make some quick digital bucks. So, taking over a popular firm’s social media profile means possible access to a multitude of users. Hopefully, the attack was foiled.