ETH based Cloud Interaction

Google Cloud Teams up With Chainlink’s Middleware For an ETH based Cloud Interaction

The Google Cloud has teamed up with Chainlink’s Oracle Middleware for an ETH based cloud interaction. The collaboration will also help on chain interaction with ETH’s DApps and smart contracts. The information comes from a blog post by Google.

ETH’s DApps will integrate data from sources outside the blockchain through a partnership with Chainlink. This will run the self-executing code called smart contracts. Google made public blockchain data for 8 cryptocurrencies available on its BigQuery data analytics platform. All the applications of that project are using the crypto public datasets as an input to an off-chain business process. Google says the system’s generalization will help in the functioning of hybrid cloud-blockchain applications.

The smart contract application for a cryptocurrency could use the integration between Chainlink and BigQuery for prediction marketplaces. It can also process futures contracts to reduce risk and make transactions more private.