GateHub Hack

GateHub Hack: $10 Million of XRP Stolen

Crypto wallet service GateHub has been compromised by hackers. Reports say that 100 XRP Ledger wallets have been affected by this. These ledgers wallets were hosted on GateHub. An official statement regarding the GateHub Hack was put up on the firm’s site.

As per the official statement, some customers have notified the firm that their funds were stolen. Responding to it, GateHub detected an increased amount of API calls from a small number of IP addresses. However, the firm says that API request to victim accounts had authorization and used valid access token. There have been no suspicious logins as such and also no brute-force attacks. Also, it is yet to be confirmed how the attackers got other info to decrypt the secret keys.

GateHub says investigations are active and currently they cannot put forth any conclusion. The company further says that they are working with IT Forensic teams to investigate deeper about the compromise. Also, they have notified the appropriate law and order agencies regarding the hack.

Recently, malicious hacks and malware attacks have increased a lot in the crypto domain. Recently, there was the notorious Binance hack, where 7,000 bitcoins were stolen. Also, recently a malware called BlackSquid has been spotted that infects a system and installs XMRig Monero miner.