Blockchain in Cannabis Tracking

Canadian Pharmacy Will Implement Blockchain in Cannabis Tracking

Canadian Pharmacy Shoppers Drug Mart has partnered with TruTrace Technologies Inc. to implement blockchain in medical cannabis tracking. It is a pilot program to provide software to track medical cannabis from seed to final product. This information comes from a popular news outlet.

The blockchain technology will provide detailed information about the quality of medical cannabis to the doctors and pharmacists. This, in turn, will help them issue effective prescriptions for the patients. The inspiration driving the following framework is to mitigate the worries of patients and doctors by making it like traditional medicine. Shoppers Drug Mart executive Ken Weisbrod says when a patient takes medication, it must be standardized. This new level of specificity has proven consistent clinical outcomes and results.

Compliance reporting is the largest hurdle for the cannabis industry. Therefore, The new blockchain based cannabis tracking will track drivers and vehicles automatically.

Recently, many medical firms have started implementing blockchain in their products. For example, pharma giant Boehringer Ingelheim implemented blockchain to raise awareness about diabetes.