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Binance Trust Wallet Officially Released on Binance DEX

Finally, the Binance Trust Wallet has officially released on the decentralized platform Binance DEX. The crypto firm bought the open source, decentralized wallet back in 2018. The new trust wallet will enable DEX users to have full control over their funds. Also, it will provide faster trading services. The trust wallet also provides access to decentralized apps. The users can access it using the wallet’s mobile or desktop version.

Desktop support is possible using WalletConnect open protocol. It will connect the DApps to mobile wallets using end-to-end encryption. Last month it was integrated with trust wallet and Binance DEX last month.

The Binance Trust Wallet has plans to support layer-2 payment protocols like Lightning Network. It will also support Binance’s staking services. The exchange has already assured that staking feature will roll out by the end of Q2 2019.

Recently, Binance DEX blocked user access from 29 countries including the USA.  However, the users from these regions can still manage their assets using wallets which support the Binance chain mainnet.