Dapp Fest 2019

Biggest Blockchain Fest of Asia Begins: Dapp Fest 2019 India

India is going to witness a humongous gathering of Blockchain enthusiasts as Dapp Fest 2019 is all set to kick off. The event will take place in India’s silicon valley Bengaluru from June 11th to 15th. This mega meetup is being organized by the firm Blockchained India,

Blockchain geeks from both India and abroad will come together in this fest. The first three days will bring forth multiple hackathons and engaging workshops. Also, there will be various conferences on the blockchain which will be addressed by speakers from foreign nations. Also, as the name of the event suggests, it will reveal a lot of decentralized apps for blockchain.

According to the organizers, the main aim of the Dapp Fest 2019 to make the Indian masses aware of the scopes and possibilities of blockchain. Time and again Indian firms have shown interest in blockchain technologies. Recently, the state government of Telangana had drafted a bill to support blockchain startup firms. Telangana is dubbed to be India’s first blockchain capital.

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies have become the fly in the soup of the Indian government. The national government is in the process to put a complete ban on crypto. So, at this moment this global gathering of enthusiasts to promote blockchain and its related aspects will definitely bring more clarity to the concept of decentralized platform. So, watch out for Dapp fest 2019 India.