Blockchain Bond Transaction

World’s First Blockchain Bond Transaction Initiates

Thanks to the partnership of World bank and CommBank, now we have the World’s First Blockchain Bond Transaction. The joint venture has enabled secondary market trading recorded on the blockchain for the bond-i debt instrument. World bank mentions of this achievement in its official press release. This development credit goes to CBA which worked hand-in-hand with World Bank and market maker TD Securities.

According to World Bank vice president Jingdong Hua, this move will enable capital markets to take advantage of the distributed ledger technologies. They can now enjoy faster, secure and efficient transactions. Bond-i came into existence in August 2018. It happens to be the world’s first bond which can be created, allocated, transferred using distributed ledger technology.

Sophie Gilder of CBA Innovation Labs says Blockchain has the potential to streamline processes for raising capital and trading securities. It can also improve the operational efficiencies, and enhance regulatory oversight.