Travala Partners with Litecoin

Travala Partners with Litecoin to Encourage Mainstream Crypto Payment

Popular blockchain powered accommodation booking platform Travala partners with Litecoin Foundation to encourage the practice of crypto payment in mainstream usage. Booking a stay using Travala is quite cheaper than other popular platforms. It accepts crypto as well as fiat currencies which is its major highlight. Moreover, it provides the AVA token which is awarded to people giving authentic reviews of accommodations. Later they can use the token to enjoy discounts over further bookings they make.

The strategic partnership between Travala and Litecoin is aiming to provide a discount of 40% to the users. Upon booking, the users can redeem this discount, if they pay using Litecoin and native wallet Loafwallet. The partnership between the duo also carries a hashtag campaign which goes by #TravelWithLitecoin. Definitely, it’s major target are young customers who have awareness about cryptocurrencies and use them. Also, the lucrative discount will act as icing on the cake.

As Travala partners with Litecoin, it will definitely encourage the common public to know and explore cryptocurrencies. It will help to clear misconceptions about digital money from the public mind. Maybe one day soon the common people will use crypto money in their day-to-day transactions.