Starbucks will Use Azure Blockchain

Starbucks will Use Azure Blockchain to Track Coffee

To provide its consumers with detailed info about its coffee products, Starbucks will use Azure blockchain to track coffee. The proposed system will keep real-time tracking of coffee shipment over the globe. Then on its mobile app Starbucks will provide details about the origin of the coffee beans and where it was roasted. The system will follow a shared ledger that will record the movement of coffee beans from the farm to the cup. This information comes from an official announcement from Microsoft.

This blockchain system will also empower the coffee farmers, says Michelle Burns, the SVP, Coffee & tea for Starbucks. The knowledge of where and how their coffee reaches the consumer will improve their farming and livelihood. Basically, it will be a transparent system which will share data with both farmers and the consumers.

As of now, there is no info about the proper release date of this blockchain coffee tracking system. In relation to the project, Starbucks is carrying out discussions with coffee farmers of South America and Rwanda.