First Public Listing

SprinkleXchange Will Reveal its First Public Listing in June

Bahrain based Ethereum powered exchange SprinkleXchange will list its first public listing in June. The announcement comes from the firm’s CEO in an interview. He says the listing will cost similar to that of a Swedish stock exchange. The pricing will be set using the Dutch auction method. However, it brings global access and better liquidity. Apparently, the firm has bigger ambitions for the future. It has plans to list 35 companies within the next year. Over the next few years, it aims to list around 1000 companies. Mostly, it is looking for companies with a global reach.

Apart from stocks, the organization will enable cryptocurrency trading in the future. Mostly the firm is looking for investors with a keen vision for new technologies. Obviously, when we talk of blockchain it is generations ahead than the traditional system. Blockchain literally automates every concept associated with stocks. This includes central clearing systems, repositories, stock certificates, dividends, etc.

This move of SprinkleXchange indicates that stock exchanges are gradually embracing the concept of blockchain. This will be very helpful as people will get to know more about blockchain and crypto. It will clear all doubts and empower blockchain for everyday use.