Singapore’s Central Bank MAS Welcomes iSTOX!!

The primary banking institute of Singapore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS) welcomes iSTOX, a security token platform as the latter avows into a fintech regulatory setup by MAS. Currently, the blockchain company ICHX Tech operates the token platform. Singapore Exchange and Heliconia funds ICHX Tech for an undisclosed amount.

Initially, operating within the sandbox, iSTOX is ready for its first round of investors and issuers. Apparently, the investors will trade the digitized securities on its platform from October. The firm announced this information on Friday. This platform aims to become fully functional by 2020 helping different organizations raise assets through tokenized securities.

iSTOX has additionally set up a lawful board including three law offices. These law offices are for advising the issuer on the structure and issuance procedure for such securities.