Samson Mow Will Launch a Gaming Token

Samson Mow Will Launch a Gaming Token on Bitcoin.?

Samson Mow of the Blockstream fame is apparently planning to launch a gaming token on bitcoin. It’s an unlikely act from him as he always criticizes the hype around the crypto token sales. Mow is the founder-CEO of the gaming firm Pixelmatic.

A science fiction based game Infinite Fleet will be launching with the aid of the token created by Pixelmatic. This game will launch on the Liquid sidechain which is built by Blockstream. The amusing part of this is the game will launch on bitcoin-based network. Not only this but also the founder always openly criticizes the buzz around the token sales. It’s ironical that he remains doubtful about the unavoidable exhortation in space and he plans to launch the bitcoin-based game. Perhaps because he thinks this new game has something new to offer which others don’t.

Mow boasted about the new token their firm is working on called dual-token. They are planning to sell a hyped ‘security token’ for raising funds. The sale will be private with limited participation. The game is aiming to raise $16 million by the end of 2019.