Revised Facebook Policy

Revised Facebook Policy Allows Blockchain Ads Without Permission

According to the latest revised facebook policy, Blockchain related advertisements can be displayed without the requirement of any approval. The official announcement has been conveyed through a Facebook post. The ad may be about some educational info, news item or any event relating to blockchain. This policy is the revision of last years regulation. The 2018 rule stated that anyone wanting to host ads relating to crypto or blockchain must get proper approval before posting them.

However, the revised Facebook Policy still continues to oppose the promotion of any particular cryptocurrency. Similarly, there is a ban on placing Ads relating to ICOs(Initial Coin Offerings). An organization which wants to promote a particular cryptocurrency has to go through a secure scrutinization. They must provide info regarding their trading over public stock exchanges and business licenses they possess. The reason for such stringent policies is to minimize the threat of counterfeit traders trying to do misleading promotions. The background screening will enable firms with the genuine promotion of blockchain or crypto products.

Rumor says that Facebook is planning to release its own cryptocurrency which can be used over Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. According to hearsays the crypto project of Facebook goes by the code name Libra. Recently, the social media giant also acquired trademark rights for this branding.