Popular Swiss Watchmaker will Use Blockchain

Popular Swiss Watchmaker will Use Blockchain to Track Info

Blockchain has marked its entry into various domains and is now slowly entering into the world of timepieces. Speaking of which, a popular Swiss watchmaker will use Blockchain to track the details of the watches. We are talking about the world’s oldest watch manufacturer Vacheron Constantin. The firm is planning to issue¬†paper and digital certificate to each of its classic watches.

The blockchain will help to accumulate the info on the product and its manufacturer. It aims to deal with counterfeit models and guarantee the authenticity of its watches. The watchmaker wants to ensure that this info will help the public to not buy fake branded watches. This is particularly true when in today’s world we see a lot of first copies of popular brands are selling at low prices.

Blockchain has a great scope in the public use and it’s a good sign that companies are realizing and implementing it. Mostly the implementation is to track the supply chain details. Recently, popular Austrian fiber maker Lenzing also mentioned of using blockchain for the same purpose.