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Microsoft Identity Verification Tool Unveils: Works On Bitcoin Blockchain

Computer giant Microsoft has launched its new Identity Verification Tool which goes by the name Identify Overlay Network(ION). This network runs on the Bitcoin blockchain. It is based on the SideTree Digital identifiers. ION can verify a larger number of identity verification requests. It is more capable than the current blockchain systems. Announcement regarding the Microsoft Identity Verification Tool comes from an official blog post of Microsoft.

Identity verification is a major part of the blockchain concept. The process gets a little slower with the older systems that are being used for the process. So, this where Identify Overlay Network comes into the scene. It will speed up the process of identity verification. ION enables anyone to create Decentralized identifiers (DIDs). They can also own and manage the identifier. Needless to say, it empowers better security and privacy.

The current release of Identity Verification Tool ION is just an alpha release. It is still under rigorous testing and may take a while until it finds its place in various companies.