JD.com to Get over 200 Blockchain Patents

JD.com to Get over 200 Blockchain Patents..?

Chinese online business goliath JD.com to get over 200 blockchain patents. It has apparently appealed for more than 200 blockchain licenses according to a report. As per the Intellectual Property Center of China Information and Communication, Alibaba has appealed for 262 blockchain licenses. Following it are Chinese web titans Tencent and Baidu with 80 and 50 appeals for such licenses, individually.

JD.com was in the lead position for “worldwide blockchain patent strength”. It was followed with Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu coming it at the second, seventh, and fifteenth spot, individually.

The report likewise takes note that China is the worldwide harbinger in blockchain applications. China recorded 4,435 blockchain patent applications, which is 48% of worldwide blockchain patent filings during 2013-2018.  This information was according to the “Blockchain Patent Situation White Paper (Version 1.0)” distributed by the official site for China Telecom.

The next in patent numbers was the United States. The US purportedly asked for 1,833 blockchain licenses altogether, consuming the worldwide patent space by 21%.

According to the Securities Daily, the collapse of patent filings by industry, organizations represented 75% of candidates, immeasurably dwarfing the amount documented by research foundations, people, and government offices. Out of this 75%, most of the organizations that documented were web related. JD developed a blockchain-as-an administration (BaaS) stage JD Blockchain Open Platform in 2018. It enables companies to efficiently run blockchain creation and run smart contracts. JD.com has additionally made foundations for blockchain. For example, the Smart City Research Institute and a blockchain research lab.