Hyperledger Releases New Blockchain Tools

Hyperledger Releases New Blockchain Tools

Hyperledger releases new blockchain tools called Blockchain Aries. The firm has announced about its new release in an official blog post. This tool primarily aims to enable interoperability between different types of blockchain-based data. The set of tools consists of the blockchain interface layer, cryptographic wallet, encrypted messaging system, etc. It also packs application programming interface based use cases. There are various other tools as well. The creation of this tool Aries is possible due to Sovrin Foundation and funding from many other organizations.

The Hyperledger Aries will help in the exchange of blockchain-based data and supports peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging. The tool will also facilitate interactions between different blockchains and various distributed ledger technologies. It will empower verifiable information exchange, and a secure messaging for various decentralized systems.

In the blog post, Hyperledger has clarified that its new tool Aries is infrastructure for blockchain-rooted, peer-to-peer interactions. The toolset itself is not a blockchain and it’s not an application. Its blockchain interface layer is called resolver. It creates and signs blockchain transactions. Aries will also implement ZKP-capable W3C verifiable credentials using the ZKP primitives which you will find in Ursa.

Hyperledger hopes that with Aries, it will enable a dynamic set of capabilities to store and exchange data related to blockchain-based identity. Eyeing the future, it hopes to come up with a scalable and searchable storage layer which can store other associated data necessary for identity maintenance.