HTC Announces 2nd Generation Blockchain Phone

HTC Announces 2nd Generation Blockchain Phone: Name Revealed

Finally, HTC throws some light on its 2019 blockchain phone. A few weeks ago we did mention the possibilities of HTC launching a new blockchain smartphone this year. True as per the words, HTC announces 2nd Generation Blockchain Phone which will have the name Exodus 1s. It will be the successor to the 2018’s HTC Exodus. The phone will surface around the third quarter of 2019.  The 1s will support HTC’s Zion wallet app. Zion enables a user to store, send and receive various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, etc.

Though the hype about the Exodus 1s is rising gradually, yet there is no info on its hardware-software details. However, a spokesperson for the OEM says that Exodus 1s may cost around $300. This pricing definitely looks reasonable if we compare it to the 1st generation Exodus that was priced at $950 on its release.

The 2019 smartphone will enable the distributed points to validate transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, it cannot mine any cryptocurrency. We guess this device will definitely see a positive reception in those regions where crypto has a major influence. Unfortunately, HTC’s other smartphones did not bring it the desired financial success. Now, the upcoming Exodus 1s may bridge this gap. The market and interest in crypto are growing significantly. If the HTC Exodus 1s times it well, it will mark its presence pretty well in the crypto world. In the coming day’s we hope to know all about the hardware setup of the 1s. Until then we can only speculate upon hearsays.