Honeyminer App

Honeyminer App is Now Officially Available on MacOS

US-based crypto mining startup Honeyminer will now make its presence on the macOS. The Honeyminer app will now become available officially for Macintosh systems. This announcement comes from the official blog post from the firm. According to the release note, due to popular demand, the application was released for MacOS. The app is simple to use. Miners can view their funds in Satoshi or US Dollar.

The mining process will make use of both the CPU and GPU. Even when the system is idle, mining can still happen. This application provides a full activity log that presents the information about the current mining statistics, currencies, and hardware used in the process. The app will provide experience points, level up bonus,  and referral rewards to the miners.

In case, the user is running an older model of Mac they will see a pop-up notification that will recommend specific settings for your machine. With proper settings, the user can have a seamless mining experience. If you want to do crypto mining on your macOS based system, then you can download Honeyminer app from the official website.