ConsenSys Launches a Job kit

ConsenSys Launches a Job kit: Aims to Help Blockchain Developers

Ethereum’s popular blockchain firm ConsenSys launches a job kit. Apparently, it will help the aspiring Ethereum Blockchain developers enter the market. Introduced on Friday, the kit encompasses everything that is required for blockchain space(learning hubs, links, etc).

The kit contains a blockchain knowledge glossary, covering topics like token standards, consensus algorithms, so-dubbed scalability trilemma and smart contracts, miners and security incentivization.  Regarding cryptography, the glossary spans public and private key encryption, digital signatures, and other topics. In terms of programming languages for ETH-based Dapp development, the kit recommends a coding repertoire of JavaScript, Python, and Solidity. For backend protocol development, the kit notes languages such as Rust, Go, Java, Ruby, dot NET, and C++.

ConsenSys says that blockchain development skills are trending referring to various analysis and studies. The studies also included LinkedIn’s emerging job list and report from Deloitte. This comes in spite of late reports of cutbacks at crypto and blockchain firms as the crypto bear market downturn made its’ consequences felt over plans of action and incomes.