USDC Stable Coin

Coinbase Enables Merchants to Accept Payments in USDC Stable Coin

Thanks to Coinbase, now merchants can accept payments in USDC stable coin. It will enable faster transaction and that too without any chargeback fees. Besides, it will also break the geographical barriers and need for a bank account. It will be available on the Coinbase commerce merchant platform. The firm mentions of this new update on its official blog post.

US dollar stable coin came into existence around last year. It is the result of a joint venture between Coinbase and crypto startup Circle. One can integrate Coinbase Commerce easily into a merchant’s checkout flow. Also, it can be put up as a payment option on various popular E-commerce platforms. Setting it up takes only a few minutes.

If anyone is new on the Coinbase Commerce, they have to sign up to start accepting USD coin. It will enable you to enjoy full control over your fund. Recently, CoinBase began its Earn Program over 100 countries. The public can educate themselves about crypto and win crypto as a reward as well.