Security Token Platform

Blockstream Announces A New Security Token Platform

The notable blockchain infrastructure firm Blockstream announces a new security token platform. Its purpose is to issue tokens on Liquid Network which connects financial firms, traders, brokers, and exchanges. This platform goes by the name of Liquid Securities. Blockstream’s new token platform will initiate with the partnership of firms like BnkToTheFuture, TokenSoft, Zenus Bank and Pixelmatic. These names have prominence in various industries like blockchain, game development, and investment banking. The info on the new token platform comes from the official blog post of Blockstream.

Blockstream’s  Chief Security Officer Samson Mow says many firms are ready to issue security tokens. However, the issuing platforms are not suitable due to questionable scalability, privacy, and reliability. This is where Liquid securities come into the scene. It will be a reliable platform to issue liquid-based security tokens in only one-click. It will also comply with the ever-changing global regulations. With the launch of  Liquid securities, Blockstream aims to efficiently commercialize the exchange settlement network.