Browser Brave Launches New Feature

Blockchain Browser Brave Launches New Feature for Twitter

Popular blockchain browser Brave Launches new feature for Twitteratis. This feature will enable a user to directly send tips tweets in accordance with the Brave Reward program. As of now, it is available for Brave Nightly which is the test version of the browser. The announcement of this development comes from the official twitter handle of Brave.

If a user visits Twitter using the Brave Browser for desktop, they will see a tip button on each tweet. All they have to do is click on the button to send a tip instantly to the Tweet’s author. Brave’s reward program awards content creators with Brave’s native tokens BAT or Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

Last month the browser launched its Brave Ads program. It awards the users with crypto for watching advertisements. The users can win up to 70% of ad revenue in the form of native BATs. This program plans to establish a proper relation between brands and users.

Brave is also the default home browser for Taiwan smartphone maker HTC. Even the OEM’s upcoming blockchain phone Exodus 1 will have Brave browser out-of-the-box.