Bitcoin Trends in Google Search, Hits 14 Month High

Bitcoin Trends in Google Search, Hits 14 Month High

According to Google Trends, Bitcoin’s search interest this year has apparently been getting an ever-increasing number. Bitcoin has of late hit a 14-month high in the search interest. The cryptocurrency currently trading at $7,900, saw a sudden surge in the search interest this year. Such a rise in search interest hasn’t been seen since February 2018. At that time, the Bitcoin was trading between $8000 and $11,000.  A year ago the BTC dropping from a formidable $20,000 to a $3,200 made sure the interest goes down significantly with it.

According to Google’s info, enthusiasm for the digital money went from 12 to 20, out of an aggregate of 100. This has happened in the recent two weeks. The nations showing the most enthusiasm for the lead digital currency is the Netherlands, Austria, South Africa, Slovenia, and Nigeria. Additionally, cryptographic money trades like Binance are developing essentially as Bitcoin trends in the Google search.

China’s largest search engine Baidu also claims the surge in search interest of Bitcoin. We can safely conclude that there’s a connection between bitcoin’s value developments and search interest for it. A search engine marketing firm SEMRush in 2017 mentioned BTC’s cost had a 91% relationship with Google looks for it. This adds validation to the fact concluded.

The search interest is increasing when the flagship news outlets decide to report about the price surge of BTC. It is almost ironical that Google banned all the cryptocurrency ads from its domain in 2017. However, now Bitcoin trends in Google Search.